Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

Stone Almond

As the name suggests, it has a hard skin that breaks to reach the kernel. The kernel of this almond is mostly used as raw or a salted nut.
With regards to the properties of this almond, we can mention its healing properties such as softening the chest and relieving cough, as well as preventing hair from going gray, not to mention its oil relieving constipation in children.

Mamra Almond

The kernel of this almond is one of the best-selling varieties of almonds exported between India and China, which is mainly due to its high quality.  Strengthening memory, heart health, lowering blood pressure, bone strength and so on, Mamra Almond is considered to be the richest in nutrients among all varieties of almonds. Last but not least, known for their taste which adds a delicious crunch to a variety of sweet and savory dishes, Mamra Almonds also avoid a number of diseases.



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Almond export

Our foremost export is organic almond to all over the world. We can deliver our high-quality almonds in bulk at the shortest time, lowest price and without restriction, serving you all over the world. Fill out the form to register your order so that our experts can contact you without any charge. Amazing Offers are waiting for you,  seize the chance!